Unique women's fashion

ENNEMENOUNO is a women's fashion and accessories label dedicated to producing unique and high end pret-a- porter collections and sartorial couture tailoring since 2012. 



High sartorial standards and originality.

Seasonal collections are hand made in ENNEMENOUNO’s laboratory in Cremona, whose goal is to express a very precise concept, that of luxury which distinguishes itself through a high sartorial standard and originality.


ENNEMENOUNO is an independent women's fashion label based in the northern Italian town of Cremona. 

The ENNEMENOUNO concept is based on the search for harmony between Italian sartorial tradition and innovation.

Forms and symbols adorn many of ENNEMENOUNO’s collection through the use of embroidery and printing. The cuts and silhouettes are based on structured, geometrical lines which are both essential and elegant and give life to an atemporal style which expresses the spirit of the label.


What makes an independent fashion brand tick.


  • Concept
  • Mood
  • Design
  • Sourcing
  • Grading
  • Sewing / Quality control


  • Identity
  • Client relations
  • Digital Design
  • Photography
  • Graphic Communication
  • Social Media


Where to find ENNEMENOUNO collections.

x_gcGLAM CODE Salita di Carbonara 19r 16125 Genova +39 342 1707959   x_gGINGER Via Solferino 3 26100 Cremona +39 0372 20251




ECHO'. Boutique Via D'aragona 50 76121 Barletta +39 0883 348581


THE SOCIAL STORE Via Calepina 10 Trento Italia 38122 +39 333 175 6569x_aATELIER ENNEMENOUNO Corso Garibaldi 50 26100 Cremona +39 544 6569e2VIRTU' NASCOSTE Via S. Martino 38 56124 Pisa +39 050 501446e3OFICINA Via Robolotti 16/a 26100 Cremona +39 339 2372042




MARIASOLE Via Cavour 14 52100 Arezzo +39 0575 1483702



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New Business Reach out to Darren  +39 393 5446569 ennemenouno@icloud.com

General Inquiries Corso Garibaldi 50, 26100 Cremona, Italy info@nmeno1.com