FW 2017-18 Press Release.

ENNEMENOUNO continues to consolidate the brand’s DNA through experiments in fabric, unique prints and conceptual form. Silhouettes are defined and completed through a full range of complementary accessories ranging from footwear to bags and jewelry, creating an emotional impulse of elegance and purity.

The color palette is both instinctive and carefully coordinated: a base set of earthy tones, beige, taupe and dark grays are harmonized with delicate pastels such as pink, peach and rose tones.  The precariousness of these delicate pairings is brought into tension through bold insertions of shimmering metallic textures: silver and bronze lurex velvets and jacquard knits give a sense of eccentric tactile firmness. Shiny lacquered off-red fabrics complete a palette which is at once harmonious and precarious at the same time.

Silhouettes convey a strong sense of smooth structure as cutaway capes and opening sleeved cotton blouses are finished with coulisse channelling and drawstrings. Dresses stand out from the hips and waistlines are rigorously maintain for coats and jackets as asymmetrical cuts, ruffles and drawstring shapes add a subdued yet playful sense of proportion injecting a sense of refined tension which moves throughout the silhouettes.

Fabrics create a sense of tactile firmness and compactness which are complemented through fluid and lightweight fabrics. Crackled velvet and prints on technical fabric are finished through the use of delicate wools, silks and cottons. The print patterns are bold, vibrant and often maxi size adding a modern yet “Renaissance” touch create a decisive mood of mystery and allure.

ENNEMENOUNO’s Pre-Fall 2017 women’s collection is characterized by a strong sense of the linear together with structured, playful and fluid forms. ENNEMENOUNO’s longstanding search for artisan sense of tactility and it’s appreciation of sartorial couture yields a gestural sense of immediacy and elegance.

September 1 2017, Cremona Italy.