THE FW16-17 collection begins in the rich sartorial tradition of Italy, creating an imaginary bridge between tradition and contemporary tech where premium fabrics and artisan craftsmanship are interpreted through new silhouettes, proportions and artistic patterns and symbols.

 "The wisdom of the plants: even when they have roots, there is always an outside where they form a rhizome with something else-with the wind, an animal, human beings (and there is also an aspect under which animals themselves form rhizomes, as do people, etc.). "Drunkenness as a triumphant irruption of the plant in us." Always follow the rhizome by rupture; lengthen, prolong, and relay the line of flight; make it vary, until you have produced the most abstract and tortuous of lines of n dimensions and broken directions. Conjugate deterritorialized flows. Follow the plants."

Summer 2019

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