Women's fall winter 2016-17 Collection

Sequences of form and color, texture and accessories thread together for a classy, modern and inventive couture mood.



ENNEMENOUNO's evolving vision puts the philosophical concept of the "rhizome" - biological organizational structures which operate through non-hierarchical and experimental connections - at the base of its fall winter 2016-17 prêt-à-porter collection.


A creative tension arises as the primitive and sophisticated clash as rigorous and refined silhouettes and textures uncompromisingly encounter a sense of rawness expressed through incursions of fur, animalier and low-poly graphic pattern prints.


The result is a series of hybrid looks and moods which freely connect where each shape is cut and assembled in contrast to another in unconventional yet subtle and eccentric ways.


A long silhouette kept in place by a well defined waist together with an intense artisanship and attention to cut create a compelling look where contrasts play out in subtly through flat surfaces, A-line skirts, geometric pull-overs and a rigorous sense of volume.


Flared overcoats, synthetic furs, animalier jackets, wide pants, asymmetrical dresses and petal collared shirts are layered with metallic textures and exaggerated details compound the impression of the ENNEMENOUNO woman as refined yet elegantly eccentric and confident.


The collection affirms the maison's ethic of artistic invention and challenging standards while pushing the boundaries of its historical matrix of artisan and sartorial tradition.




Black, white, chesnut, rose, gold, silver, celeste, camel, yellow, clay, animalier.


Wool, velvet, neoprene, crepe, knits, ribbed wool, flannel, lurex, sequins, fil coupé, leather, eco fur, shearling


A strong silhouette, geometric and angular lines. Cropped, asymmetric dress, flared shapes.


Ankle boots, pumps, sneakers and ballet shoes. Mini and boxy bags, scarves in luxurious natural fibers.

Geek Chic – A look for Fall Winter 2016

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